Dynamic Creative Versioning Reports

November 28, 2023 |By Jason Barash  Senior Product Manager, Place Exchange

Since the start of the year, Place Exchange has helped advertisers seamlessly activate dynamic creative campaigns at scale across DOOH publishers and venue types through their preferred DSPs. If you’re just showing up to the party now, check out this article to learn how Place Exchange Dynamic Creative works. When you build an innovative solution like DOOH dynamic creative, all parts of the product – from campaign set up to the results – need to match that ingenuity. This blog post will outline what that output looks like on the reporting end with Place Exchange’s Dynamic Creative Versioning reports.

What are Dynamic Creative Versioning Reports at Place Exchange?

In standard campaign reporting that does not account for dynamic creative activations, advertisers typically only see one creative ID and the corresponding campaign details along one line item. In contrast, Dynamic Creative Versioning at Place Exchange allows advertisers the ability to see exactly which dynamic creative variation ran at what time, alongside the corresponding impressions and spend metrics.

As we generate a unique version ID for each dynamically-rendered ad image for the publisher to play, we are able to store data for each recorded publisher play of the dynamic creative with its corresponding unique version ID, impressions, and spend.

For example, the award winning campaign for the Corona Family activated by Evergreen Trading leveraged Place Exchange to power the dynamic elements including the live scores from the NY Mets games. In order to validate that the messaging was accurately changing to reflect the dynamic creative rules without having to physically watch the DOOH ad play in person, we can simply share a report that allows our partners to see which version of the creative was displayed at a specific time.

Gameday: Mariners vs. Mets on 8/24 @ 7:15 PM

Before the game began, Place Exchange displayed a standard creative letting fans know when the game was going to be played. Our reporting would show that this creative was displayed at and before 7:15pm.

Once the game began, that’s when the true capabilities of the dynamic campaign kicked in. Place Exchange was able to update the game scores displayed on the creative every step of the way. If it was 7 to 5 in the 7th inning a couple hours into the game, the client can validate that we displayed a creative with the correct score at that specific time with our reporting.

How do I get access?

Your Place Exchange representative can pull this reporting for you and they will share a creative version URL that is clickable to the image representing the dynamic content that the publisher rendered. You can request additional metrics such as spend, impressions, time the creative ran, DMA, and more. This allows for the utmost transparency between Place Exchange and our valued dynamic creative partners.

In the exported report you can view detailed campaign data, such as:

  • Impression Hour – the data/hour in which the creative ran
  • Creative version URL – a link that directs you to the image of the creative that ran at that time
  • Impressions – the amount of impressions that ran against that creative version
  • Spend metrics – the campaign media spend, net CPM
  • And more

If you’re interested in speaking to Place Exchange about leveraging this capability for your dynamic creative campaign, reach out to your dedicated PX representative. Or, drop us a line at


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