Maximize Relevance and Engagement with OOH Dynamic Creative

July 21, 2023 |By Jason Barash

From the perspective of Place Exchange, we are beyond thrilled with all the transformative advancements driving the growth of the DOOH landscape. One of the innovations we have been working on is helping advertisers personalize ad messages with dynamic creative on any DOOH screen, giving them the ability to tailor messaging with endless creative possibilities and maximize real-time relevance. This capability is enabled in all of the DSPs integrated with Place Exchange. I can’t think of a new feature in DOOH that has gotten me as excited as dynamic creative since well, the invention of programmatic DOOH!

What is Dynamic Creative in DOOH?

If you’re unfamiliar with or want to learn a little more about dynamic creative, let me break it down for you. Dynamic creative allows brands to deliver highly targeted, personalized, and relevant content to consumers in real-time. With DOOH, brands can utilize the power of dynamic creative to automate personalization in the physical world across digital screens, such as billboards, kiosks, transit displays, and other asset and venue formats based on a wide variety of data inputs.

The confluence of data integrations now available (via 3rd party APIs), the effortless generation of multiple creative variations, the automated delivery of those creatives at the right time and right place, and the ability to reach consumers in different physical contexts during their daily journey makes DOOH dynamic creative a powerful marketing tactic you should activate to engage your target audience.

How does Place Exchange’s Dynamic Creative solution work?

Today, our Dynamic Creative solution is supported by our talented client success and engineering teams who help plan, build, and activate your campaign. You bring us your concept, Place Exchange works with you to bring your vision to life. In order to build and activate your creative as easily as possible, Place Exchange has two options that will suit your needs:

  1. PX creative building – Our team of dedicated developers will work with your team to build, enable and serve your dynamic creative campaign. Our easy to follow process will have you up and running in no time.
  2. 3rd party ad serving – We also have the ability to work with 3rd party ad servers who can build and activate the creative. Let us know if you have an existing dynamic creative partner you would like us to partner with on your activation.

Dynamic Creative Concepts:

There are seemingly endless possibilities when it comes to the concepts for dynamic creative campaigns. Place Exchange has built some ‘express’ dynamic creative use cases to get you started. Other use cases are also available upon request.

Geographic Customization
Showcase local offerings unique to your specific geo location

Closest Location
Highlight the closest brick & mortar location to the screen

Weather Customization
Feature the weather forecast at a specific screen

Countdown Clock
Display daily changes leading up to a certain sale or event at a specific screen

Time Customization
Schedule a certain product promotion  

Highlight sports scores, betting lines, etc.

We have only just scratched the surface when it comes to DOOH dynamic creative and are super excited for what the future holds. If you’re interested in speaking to Place Exchange about leveraging this capability for your brand, reach out to your dedicated PX representative. Or, drop us a line at




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