Place Exchange Clear

E nsuring quality in the Digital Out of Home ecosystem

The increasing presence of digital displays in cities and public venues across the globe has contributed to Digital OOH media becoming one of the fastest growing digital advertising channels. The massive reach and proven impact of Digital OOH is providing marketers with new opportunities to create engaging experiences woven into consumers’ daily journeys.

Place Exchange Clear is Place Exchange’s rigorous and comprehensive certification program designed to deliver only trusted, transparent, premium Digital Out of Home supply to marketers.

Place Exchange Clear Pillars for Premium Supply


All of Place Exchange’s OOH media partners must agree to the rigorous requirements of Place Exchange’s inventory standards, including complete and accurate classification of inventory, maintaining availability and proper functioning of display assets, and ensuring asset and creative viewability. All inventory is regularly reviewed for compliance with these standards.


Place Exchange standardizes inventory attributes, including location, size, resolution, asset category, venue category, and more, offering buyers a consistent way to transact across the full spectrum of diverse DOOH formats. Place Exchange also ensures consistency of impression counts by vetting each publisher’s impression counting methodology, and any related partners or data sources. Validated impression and spend numbers are delivered with each transaction.


Place Exchange passes each publisher’s media exactly as the publisher presents it in the platform, with all associated data and no aggregation or bundling, delivering full media transparency to buyers. Place Exchange also provides proof-of-play validation for all campaigns. Moreover, Place Exchange’s agreements with buyers and sellers stipulate no hidden fees and no arbitrage.


Place Exchange prioritizes privacy compliance in all jurisdictions in which it operates. Place Exchange is verified by TAG and a member of the NAI and IAB. Place Exchange requires its publisher partners to certify that they have the legal right to sell and display inventory on their assets.