Place Exchange SSP

Take programmatic advertising into the physical world—with unparalleled scale, flexibility, targeting, and measurement—all through the same platforms buyers already use today.

From highways to elevators, malls to airports, trains to taxis, and street corners to retail locations, the vast and growing scale of digital media in the physical world presents enormous opportunities for marketers. OOH offers massive reach and high-impact messaging natively woven into consumers’ daily journeys between home, work, shopping, and entertainment. All without the fraud, viewability, and brand safety issues that have plagued other media. But this powerful channel has been trapped in a silo – requiring different integrations, workflows, and measurement from the rest of the media mix – until now.

Place Exchange’s patented technology breaks the silo, enabling true programmatic OOH activation within the DSPs buyers already use. Providing a single point of access to the largest pool of premium OOH media, Place Exchange seamlessly facilitates OOH planning, targeting, execution, and measurement with the same tools, workflows, and data used for online, mobile, and other programmatic channels.

Place Exchange takes programmatic advertising from the tiny confines of personal devices to the broad canvas of the physical world, where consumers spend 70% of their time. From building brand awareness to driving online and offline purchases, see the impact and results that come from combining the possibilities of OOH with the power of programmatic.

Why Place Exchange?

Unmatched Scale, Quality, and Safety

  • Direct integrations with the largest pool of premium OOH media across all venues and formats
  • International coverage across the U.S., Canada, Latin America, and Europe
  • All publishers and inventory certified by our Place Exchange Clear program for quality, consistency, transparency, and compliance
  • Rich array of display and video formats
  • All inventory inherently brand safe, viewable, and bot-free

Powerful, Flexible, and Transparent Execution

  • Integrated with leading omnichannel and OOH DSPs
  • Impression-based buying via open auction and private deals
  • Audience-based planning and targeting capabilities
  • Precise geographic targeting, including geospatial ad units for moving OOH media
  • Ultra flexible flighting, budgeting, and pacing
  • Support for standard IAB creatives and custom OOH creatives
  • Dynamic creative execution across all OOH inventory
  • Full transparency into media sources and bidstream-level data
  • No arbitrage or hidden fees, ever

Granular Data, Full-funnel Measurement, and Proven Performance

  • Log-level impression data for planning, optimization, reporting, and analytics
  • Support for campaign tracking and reporting in third-party systems
  • PerView reach & frequency measurement pre/mid/post campaign
  • Device-level data passback to enable cross-channel retargeting
  • Ability to support deterministic device-level attribution, unified with other channels
  • Impact measurement at every stage of the funnel – from brand lift to online and offline actions

OOH delivers 4x more online activity per ad dollar spent than TV, radio and print.

Source: Nielsen

Unlock the power of
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