PerView Measurement for Sellers

Up-to-date, display-level measurement of reach, frequency, and hourly impressions to support media sales, inventory management, measurement, and more.

Out of Home media spans a wide range of venues and formats, each with their own unique characteristics. Historically, it has been difficult, if not impossible, to obtain reliable, up-to-date, deterministic measures of display-level reach, frequency, and hourly impressions for OOH media networks of different types.

Place Exchange’s proprietary PerView solution, developed in line with the OAAA OOH Impression Measurement Guidelines offers sellers the ability to measure display-level reach, frequency, and hourly impressions for any OOH network, inclusive of static and digital displays across all OOH formats, regardless of whether they are sold programmatically or direct. Results are not based on coarse models of annual/monthly averages, but on real-time, deterministic mobile device data.

Benefits of PerView Measurement for OOH Sellers

  • Reach, frequency, and hourly “impression multiplier” measurement from individual displays to entire publisher networks, spanning all types — including digital and static, outdoor and indoor, stationary and moving
  • Up-to-date measurement that reflects the latest movement patterns
  • Applicable to programmatic and non-programmatic sales
  • Standard approach to viewable impression measurement used for other media channels
  • Easy to update, easy to access, easy to share
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