With the power to reach and engage consumers in the physical world through a dynamic array of formats and new technologies, OOH is growing faster than any traditional advertising medium. But it has not been a truly programmatic medium, until now.

Place Exchange’s patented technology delivers true real-time bidding via open auctions and private deals, DSP workflows that unify OOH with other media, support for standard online and mobile creatives including display and video, true impression-level data for planning, optimization, and analytics, and granular device-level attribution unified with other channels.

Integrated with leading OOH and place-based media companies as well as top DSPs, Place Exchange activates programmatic OOH at unprecedented scale. Marketers can now buy and measure OOH in the same way as other programmatic media, while enjoying the benefits of massive reach, high-impact, always viewable messaging that reaches real consumers in the physical world. Media partners can tap into programmatic revenue streams with a simple and easy integration, with full control over programmatic delivery via an open, transparent platform.

Unlock the power of
real programmatic OOH.