Place Exchange
Publisher Portal

O ne-stop hub for inventory management, campaign management, and reporting.

The Place Exchange Publisher Portal is an easy-to-use platform where media owners have full control over onboarding, managing, and monetizing their Digital OOH inventory. Access the Portal any time to keep inventory up-to-date and discoverable for buyers, approve creatives, activate and track campaigns, and gain insights to improve your business.

Place Exchange Publisher Portal Modules

Inventory Management

Add new inventory and keep inventory up-to-date to make it easily accessible for all eligible campaigns


Create custom placements that seamlessly group inventory for campaigns, and set up deals that specify pricing terms for buyers

Ad Approvals

Review and approve the creatives that will run on your inventory, through a simple and quick process


Access comprehensive reports that provide insights on revenue, campaigns, and network activity across your inventory

Unlock the power of
real programmatic OOH.