Do Not Sell My Information

About this Form

In the course of operating Place Exchange, we may receive your device’s mobile advertising identifier from our Data Providers and share it with Advertisers and other partners. (We do not collect any information directly from consumers’ devices.)

This form allows you to opt-out of our use and sharing (or “sale” as it’s sometimes called) of your device’s mobile advertising identifier. Opting-out via this form is also how to exercise your rights of deletion set forth in our Privacy Policy.

Opt-out requests must be made individually by the verified device owner or an authorized representative.

What “Opting-Out” Means

If you opt-out, we will sequester your information outside our commercial database on a suppression list and we will not use or share it with our Advertisers and other partners. We will keep your device’s mobile advertising identifier on a suppression list so that if we receive it again, we know not to use or share it.