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Programmatic OOH Spend Rises In H2 Vs. H1 2021, Place Exchange Data Shows

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Super Bowl TV Ads $6.5 Million —How Much Exposure Could Be Generated With $6.5 Million In OOH?

January 18


Place Exchange, Edison Interactive Integrate To Reach 33,000 Connected Golf Cart Screens

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5 Predictions for Programmatic OOH in 2022

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Place Exchange Gets Inside Uber OOH as Riders Return

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Attention, Shoppers: Audio Inventory In Groceries And Drugstores Is Now Addressable

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H1 2021 PX Programmatic OOH Trends Report

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OOH On Its Way Up, Place Exchange Data Shows, eMarketer Confirms

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Programmatic Out-of-Home is Booming. And It’s Driving Results for Major Brands.

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Digital OOH Platform Spun Off With New Venture Backing

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Place Exchange Completes Spinout from OOH Publisher Intersection

July 21

Place Exchange Raises $20 Million to Support Spinoff From Intersection

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Programmatic OOH Reflects Overall Pandemic Recovery

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Advertisers are Ready to Embrace the Great Outdoors…With More Flexibility and Precision

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Identity Data & DOOH – Game Over or Game Changer?

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A Return to Travel

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Verizon Media Expands Programmatic DOOH Inventory with Place Exchange Partnership

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Digital Out-of-Home Advertising is Having a Coming Out Party, Will Candidates Turn Up?

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Dave Etherington: “Privacy in the public space should be held to a higher standard."

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How to Have Actual Guilt-Free, Brand Safe Ads in OOH

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Country Time taps programmatic OOH to advocate for lemonade stands

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Out of home needs agreeable digital standards: Programmatic Punch NY 2019

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OOH Thrives as a Diverse, United Ad Medium

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Digital out-of-home advertising is fracturing into many channels

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Programmatic, Coming To A Billboard Near You

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CMOs: It's Time to Bring Back the Big Guns

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MediaMath finds a way to make programmatic OOH attributable in the same way as other digital channels

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Digital OOH Will No Longer Be a Niche Specialty in Marketing

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Place Exchange Becomes First Programmatic Out-of-Home Exchange to Join Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG)

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How the New Era of Marketing Is Shepherded In as Digital and OOH Collide

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New Rules For Data In OOH Advertising

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The State Of Programmatic Out Of Home (or The Problem With “Impression Multipliers”)

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How Out-of-Home Media Companies Must Reinvent Themselves as Publishers to Survive

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