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Swiftmile Expands Their DOOH Reach With Place Exchange

May 18, 2022

New York, NY (May 18, 2022) – Swiftmile, the pioneer in micromobility charging, has teamed up with Place Exchange, the leading supply-side platform for programmatic Out of Home (OOH) media. Swiftmile deploys light electric vehicle (LEV) charging platforms for scooters, e-bikes, and e-mopeds, coupled with a DOOH network reaching a highly attractive on-the-go audience. This collaboration will play a crucial role in expanding Swiftmile’s programmatic options for media buyers seeking to purchase Swiftmile’s premium placed-based inventory from any of the leading demand-side platforms (DSPs) integrated with Place Exchange.

“We’re excited to work with Place Exchange,” said Joel Martin, VP of DOOH at Swiftmile. “As one of the most impactful companies in the Out of Home advertising industry, we are confident they can help take our media offering to the next level by making it easy for advertisers to integrate our inventory into their omnichannel plans.”

Swiftmile’s eye-level digital screens serve as vehicle charging destinations, instead of just panels that are passed during a commute, and capture high levels of attention from a valuable audience. The integration with Place Exchange’s patented technology enables advertisers to seamlessly plan, buy, optimize and report on all Swiftmile inventory alongside other programmatic channels within the DSP systems they already use, leveraging the ease, flexibility, and automation of programmatic.

“As electric vehicles usage grows, our partnership with Swiftmile enables advertisers to expand their reach to a high-value and rapidly expanding audience.” said Nick Bennett, SVP of Partnerships at Place Exchange. “It’s been proven that DOOH advertising can help power the deployment of valuable environmentally-friendly services in cities and communities, and our partnership with Swiftmile is a great example of a win/win for advertisers, consumers, and the environment.”


About Place Exchange

Place Exchange is the leading SSP for programmatic out-of-home media. Integrated with omnichannel DSPs, Place Exchange’s patented technology uniquely offers agencies and advertisers the opportunity to fully unify buying and measurement of OOH media with other digital channels, leveraging the same workflow, creatives, reporting, and attribution as for online and mobile advertising. Place Exchange’s unmatched premium supply ecosystem adheres to its Place Exchange Clear certification program that delivers buyers quality, consistency, transparency, and compliance. For OOH media partners, Place Exchange offers the opportunity to access untapped programmatic ad spend with full transparency and control. AdExchanger named Place Exchange a 2020 and 2021 Programmatic Power Player. For more information about Place Exchange, visit


About Swiftmile

Swiftmile is the pioneer and market leader in LEV charging, offering a new class of green infrastructure that will set the foundation for “gas stations of the future.” We build and operate Mobility Hubs to charge and organize e-scooters, e-bikes and e-mopeds, at little or no cost to cities thanks to an on-Hub advertising screen. Swiftmile’s infrastructure is driving battery and charging standardization for the global micromobility sector, with Hubs across North America and Europe. Swiftmile is based in San Carlos, CA.

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SSP, SSP Partner, Swiftmile