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Place Exchange Granted Fifth Patent on Programmatic Out of Home Technology

August 24, 2021

Latest patent in growing Place Exchange IP portfolio extends programmatic tracking and measurement capabilities to static OOH media

NEW YORK CITY – August 24, 2021 – Place Exchange, the leading supply-side platform (SSP) for programmatic out of home (OOH) media, announced it was granted a key “systems, methods and programmed products for tracking delivery and performance of static advertisements in public or semi-public locations within a digital advertising platform” patent issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This marks the 5th patent awarded to Place Exchange in the US, along with several patents pending internationally.

Place Exchange was launched in 2018 with the vision of making OOH truly programmatic for buyers and sellers. Other platforms focused on automating the traditional process of buying OOH, and as a result isolated the channel in a silo requiring different integrations, workflows, and reporting than other channels, with no ability for buyers to unify measurement or attribution.

“Place Exchange took a different approach, fundamentally re-conceiving the OOH medium from the ground up through a programmatic lens,” said Ari Buchalter, CEO and Founder of Place Exchange and one of the inventors of its patents. “We developed and patented truly unique technology that enables buying OOH using the same workflows, the same impression-level data, and most importantly the same measurement and attribution, as for other digital channels such as online and mobile. That means campaigns can be seamlessly set up in the same DSP systems used for other programmatic channels, and the same metrics can be measured for OOH via the same reporting used for other channels – not just impressions, spend, and CPMs, but conversions, CPA, and ROI.”

This latest patent, the fifth in Place Exchange’s US patent portfolio and valid until 2040, extends Place Exchange’s unique programmatic capabilities to apply not just to Digital OOH media – which Place Exchange already enables at scale – but to Static OOH media as well. “Our previous patents focused on revolutionizing the way Digital OOH media is transacted and measured, but Static OOH still represents the majority of spend in the category and is an incredibly effective way to reach consumers in public space at scale with high-impact messaging,” explained Buchalter. “While the mechanism for delivering Static OOH ads isn’t programmatic, the tracking of impressions delivered and the resulting consumer actions, such as online or offline purchases, absolutely can be and that’s the breakthrough innovation behind this latest patent in our portfolio.”

The patent opens up the ability for Place Exchange’s DSP partners to leverage campaign tracking and attribution measurement for Static OOH, in addition to already-enabled Digital OOH media, across Place Exchange’s industry-leading network of premium OOH inventory spanning every major format, including billboards, street furniture, transit media, airport media, retail media, and more. All of Place Exchange’s integrated inventory adheres to its Place Exchange Clear certification program that delivers buyers quality, consistency, transparency, and compliance.

“The various patents we have been issued in the US and abroad not only protect our distinctive IP from use by current or future competitors,” said Buchalter, “but form the basis of an entirely differentiated approach to enabling OOH to participate in omnichannel media buying and measurement as no other technology has done.”


About Place Exchange

Place Exchange is the leading SSP for programmatic out-of-home and place-based media. Integrated with omnichannel DSPs, Place Exchange’s patented technology uniquely offers agencies and advertisers the opportunity to fully unify buying and measurement of OOH media with other digital channels, leveraging the same workflow, creatives, reporting, and attribution as for online and mobile advertising. Place Exchange’s unmatched premium supply ecosystem adheres to its Place Exchange Clear certification program that delivers buyers quality, consistency, transparency, and compliance. For OOH media partners, Place Exchange offers the opportunity to access untapped programmatic ad spend with full transparency and control. AdExchanger named Place Exchange a 2020 and 2021 Programmatic Power Player. For more information about Place Exchange, visit



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