Partner Spotlight: Rapport

August 25, 2020

Rapport Worldwide is a global Out-of-Home media planning and buying agency with a mission to build Rapport between brands and their consumers. The Place Exchange team spoke with Chett Foltyn, Account Supervisor from Rapport’s Chicago office, on planning OOH campaigns during COVID-19.


Chett Foltyn, Rapport

What’s been a personal milestone at Rapport?
I just surpassed 3 years at Rapport.

How have you seen the digital OOH landscape change over the last few years?
Digital is steadily becoming far more prevalent, especially in transit and place-based media. There are significantly more opportunities for buying traditional digital and programmatic digital than there were a few years ago.

What is something you wish more brands and advertisers knew about OOH?
That programmatic DOOH can offer a great deal of flexibility, especially with the consumer changes caused by COVID. With options for non-guaranteed deals and open auction buying, marketers can keep pace with evolving behavior patterns, update messaging on the fly, quickly pause or modify a campaign if needed.

What is the most useful Place Exchange benefit when planning campaigns?
Right now, I would say the ability to execute a campaign and push it live quickly has been a key benefit. As well as the flexible benefits of programmatic DOOH, which can help alleviate client concerns about running media during this time.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?
My favorite thing to do when I’m not at work is kayaking. I got lucky and found a couple of kayaks over the summer, and it’s been my favorite activity as we get through COVID!


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