Place Exchange Launches Advanced Publisher Tools to Help Publishers Drive Monetization

July 14, 2022

Place Exchange is the only independent and agnostic supply-side platform (SSP) in the programmatic OOH space, built exclusively to help media owners maximize revenue. Our mission is to deliver innovations for media owners that drive incremental demand, reduce operational friction, provide valuable data and insights, and work seamlessly with existing tech stacks – all while ensuring our publisher partners have full transparency into and control over every aspect of their programmatic business.

As the digital OOH industry grows, one of the biggest challenges voiced by our media partners is that they are now navigating multiple, disconnected integrations, which in turn leads to complex and time-consuming operations, separate silos for data, and missed revenue opportunities. Our media partners need better ways to globally manage demand from different sources, curate their media into customized packages that can increase CPMs, and maximize yield on their inventory.

Introducing Place Exchange Advanced Publisher Tools, a suite of premium solutions that empowers media owners to optimize overall business performance. The Place Exchange Advanced Publisher Tools modules include:

  • Advanced Campaign Management (in beta): Rich array of budgeting, pacing, and targeting features enabling publishers to curate inventory to meet buyer needs for both direct-sold and programmatic campaigns.
  • Demand Unification (in beta): Solution for centrally managing demand for all inventory and maximizing yield.
  • Business Intelligence (coming soon): Advanced reporting delivering actionable insights that span multiple demand sources.
  • Place Exchange Marketplace (coming soon): Frictionless access to value-add services that enhance publisher campaigns.

Today, we are launching the beta program for Advanced Campaign Management and Demand Unification which unlock the following features:

Advanced Campaign Management

  • Develop high value media packages to drive CPMs, including audience overlays, reach/frequency data, and keyword tagging
  • Increase contextual relevance with geo, venue category, and POI targeting
  • Monitor and control pacing with impression and budget caps 
  • Minimize maintenance overhead with dynamic targeting

Demand Unification

  • Improve win rates and yield by managing pricing and priority across all demand channels
  • Increase availability to all demand with a single auction
  • Develop insights across all demand sources with unified reporting and identify opportunities to increase yield
  • Enable contractual and billing guardrails to manage confidential business terms and leave existing billing flows intact

The Advanced Campaign Management and Demand Unification modules will become available to all media partners later in the season. If you are interested in joining the beta for early access, sign up here:

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