M ake omnichannel a reality by activating the power of OOH through a truly programmatic integration spanning all major OOH formats.

Programmatic OOH has historically been a silo, requiring different integrations, workflows, creatives, reporting, and measurement than other programmatic channels. All of which has introduced complexity and inefficiency, limiting programmatic adoption. Place Exchange changes all of that.

With patented technology and a simple OpenRTB integration, Place Exchange delivers true programmatic execution for OOH, including impression-level RTB and PMP execution, seamless integration of OOH with online and mobile campaign workflows, support for standard IAB creatives, log-level data for planning, optimization, and analytics, and unified device-level attribution with other channels.

Place Exchange takes programmatic, for the first time, from the tiny confines of personal devices to the broad canvas of the physical world, where consumers spend 70% of their time. Unparalleled audience reach, larger-than-life messaging, real-world relevance, and the ability to drive performance at every stage of the funnel. All viewable, bot-free, and brand safe, with quality assured by our Place Exchange Clear publisher and inventory certification program.

Why Place Exchange?

Unmatched Scale and Safety

  • Direct integrations with premium OOH and place-based media partners certified by Place Exchange Clear
  • Coverage of U.S., Canada, Latin America, and Europe across all major OOH formats
  • Display and video inventory
  • Always viewable
  • No bots, no ad blocking, no unsafe content

Simple and Transparent Execution

  • Simple OpenRTB integration for OOH and place-based media
  • Open auction RTB and private deal support
  • Support for standard IAB creatives and custom creative executions
  • Unified workflows with online and mobile campaigns
  • No buy-side fees, no arbitrage, no bid manipulation
  • Full transparency into media sources and auction dynamics

Focus on Performance and Results

  • Ability to tap into new OOH budgets
  • Open, log-level data for planning, optimization, and analytics
  • Unified device-level attribution with other channels
  • Ability to drive and measure impact at every stage of the funnel

US programmatic OOH ad spend grew by 88% from 2020 to 2021, and is projected to grow by over 100% from 2021 to 2022.

Source: eMarketer

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