Real Programmatic
Out of Home.

Place Exchange seamlessly enables planning, targeting, execution, and measurement of OOH – on par with other programmatic channels – within the leading DSP platforms. All with unmatched scale, quality, flexibility, and transparency. Welcome to real programmatic OOH.

Demand-side Partnerships

Access the entire OOH media landscape truly programmatically for the first time. The same audience targeting and performance measurement capabilities as online, mobile, and social, but with the unmatched reach, consumer engagement, real-world relevance, and brand safety of OOH.

Supply-side Partnerships

Open up OOH inventory to the world of programmatic, tapping into new buyers and budgets. Easy integration, complete transparency, and full control to harness the power of programmatic for OOH media.

OOH Measurement

Place Exchange’s PerView measurement solution enables buyers and sellers to reliably measure up-to-date reach, frequency, and impressions across the entire OOH category, spanning different media types, geographies, timeframes, and consumer segments.

Unlock the power of
real programmatic OOH.