The First True Programmatic Exchange
for Out-of-Home Media

Place Exchange

With the power to reach and engage consumers in the physical world through a dynamic array of formats and new technologies, Out of Home (OOH) is growing faster than any traditional advertising medium. But it could never be bought truly programmatically, until now.

Buyers have been frustrated with so-called “programmatic” OOH solutions that simply automate the traditional siloed process of buying OOH—requiring separate integrations, separate workflows, and separate creatives—all without the critical benefits of impression-level buying and device-level attribution that drive the real power of programmatic.

Place Exchange™ changes all of that. Our patent-pending technology delivers true real-time bidding, fully unified workflows with other media, support for standard online and mobile IAB creatives, and granular device-level attribution. Programmatic buyers can now buy and measure OOH media in the same way as they do web, mobile, and other digital media, and enjoy the benefits of massive reach, high-impact, always-viewable messaging that reaches consumers in the physical world. All with no bots, no ad blockers, and no unsafe content, and all delivered as a supply-side solution seamlessly integrated with the leading DSPs.


Digital Partnerships

Programmatic Agencies and Advertisers


Buy and measure out-of-home media programmatically through your DSP just as you do with online, mobile, and other channels. No complex campaign setup, no new assets needed, no siloed reporting disconnected from the rest of your buy. The same workflow, the same creatives, the same reporting, and the same attribution. Now you can reach, engage, and convert consumers in the physical world at scale, with high-impact messaging and complete brand safety. Experience what omni-channel is supposed to be.

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Demand Side Platforms


Open up the world of out-of-home and place-based media to your clients. With a simple OpenRTB integration, you can enable true real-time bidding and event-level data integration to seamlessly unify the workflow, reporting, attribution, and analytics for OOH with other media channels. Enable your existing clients to drive performance across the funnel—online and offline—through a powerful new channel, while accessing new clients and budgets previously unaddressed in the programmatic landscape.

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Out-of-Home Partnerships

OOH Agencies and Advertisers


Unlock the true power of OOH with granular data and insights on par with online, mobile, and other digital media. We can help you explore and understand the benefits of a truly programmatic approach to OOH—across planning, execution, attribution, analytics, and more. Combine your deep experience and understanding of out-of-home media with powerful new technology and data to define innovative strategies and capabilities that change what is possible in the out-of-home market.

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OOH Media Companies


Increase revenue by partnering with Place Exchange to open up your out-of-home and place-based media to a new world of demand. Our patent-pending platform enables seamless integration of your inventory, across a wide array of formats, giving you full transparency and control. Let us show you how a truly programmatic solution can drive impact to your bottom line.

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