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O pen up OOH inventory to the world of programmatic demand, with full transparency and control.

Programmatic technology has transformed online, mobile, social, and other media, but despite the growing digital investment by OOH companies, programmatic OOH has remained elusive. That’s because most solutions have focused on automating the traditional process of buying OOH, resulting in non-standard integrations, cumbersome workflows, and siloed reporting.

Instead, Place Exchange’s patent-pending solution makes OOH truly programmatic, by seamlessly offering programmatic buyers the same workflows, reporting, and attribution for OOH as for other programmatic channels, within the DSP systems they already use.

As a result, our demand-side partners have made OOH an integral part of their programmatic buys. Place Exchange media owners enjoy the benefits of increased demand, while maintaining full transparency and control over every aspect of their programmatic business.

Why Place Exchange?

Access to Programmatic Revenues

Direct integrations with top DSPs

Access to budgets from major programmatic agencies and trading desks

Low, transparent fees

Turnkey Integration

Flexible and easy integration, across a wide variety of display and video formats

Support for open auctions and private deals

No exclusivity or commitment required

Full Transparency and Control

Full transparency and control over approved advertisers and creatives

Full control over inventory pricing and auction dynamics

Full transparency around demand and bidding, with no arbitrage, no bid manipulation

No bundling with other media

OOH is more trusted than any form of digital advertising, including search, social, and display.

Source: MarketingSherpa

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