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A ctivate OOH programmatically to drive real results in the physical world—and unify OOH buying, reporting, and attribution with other channels for the first time.

From highways to elevators, malls to airports, subways to taxis, and arenas to street corners, the vast and growing scale of digital media in the physical world presents enormous opportunities for brands. OOH offers massive reach and high-impact experiences woven into consumers’ daily journeys between home, work, shopping, and entertainment. All without the fraud, viewability, and brand safety issues that have plagued other media. But it could never be bought truly programmatically, until now.

Place Exchange’s patent-pending technology, integrated with leading DSPs, delivers impression-level RTB and PMP execution, support for both standard IAB and custom creatives, and campaign workflow, reporting, and attribution for OOH that is fully unified with online, mobile, and other programmatic channels.

From building brand awareness to driving individual purchases, see the measurable impact OOH can deliver when seamlessly executed through the same systems and measured with the same data as other programmatic channels.

Why Place Exchange?

Unmatched Scale and Safety

Direct integrations with premium OOH and place-based media owners

Full coverage of U.S. DMAs, across all major OOH formats

Display and video inventory

Always viewable

No bots, no ad blocking, no unsafe content

Simple and Transparent Execution

Integrated with leading DSPs

Open auction RTB and private deal support

Support for standard IAB creatives and custom creative executions

Unified workflows with online and mobile campaigns

Single point of management for budgets across OOH and other media

No buy-side fees

Focus on Performance and Results

Open, log-level impression data for planning, optimization, and analytics

Unified device-level attribution with other channels

Ability to drive and measure impact at every stage of the funnel

OOH generates $6 in sales for every $1 spent—a higher ROI than online display, radio, or print.

Source: OMG Benchmarketing

Unlock the power of
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